11 client projects branded
This is goodbye.
Coloured Noise has been a radio imaging central hub for just under two years now. We have seen the heights of new clients and plan of actions been challenged; allowing us to take our clients imaging proposals to new levels. However the departure of Coloured Noise has arrived in a very early stage of trading.

From day one we have appreciated the support and following that backed our every move. As a start out concept we were astounded by the level of interest that followed our footsteps, whether that be on our SoundCloud profile to our social media platforms, we couldn't have asked for more.

So what happens now?  Unfortunately not much at all, our SoundCloud profiles and social media profiles will stay online for as long as they are needed and eventually when the day arrives, they will archive into the darkness of the world wide web.

It has been a short but fantastic journey that has placed us into new depths of the industry, allowed us to make our mark and eventually retire back to the side-line. We thank those who have taken part in becoming a branded affiliate of Coloured Noise, and to those that are followers we say goodbye.

Fair well,